Wednesday, 5 November 2008


There are many adverts on the television that just baffle me and I have no clue what on earth they are supposed to be advertising or sometimes the advert is just very stupid. Occasionally one pops up that blows the mind like the advert for a particular car where there a chorus that beautifully mimics the sounds of the car passing - not that I can actually remember what the make of car is!!

Anyway, I have just seen an advert for Barclay Card and their new card that is supposed to work without direct contact and it is such a fun advert. It all begins with a chap in swimming trunks walking through an office filled with cubicles, so my first thought is "eh?" and then he opens a cupboard in which is a tube that looks a bit like a laundry chute, but it has water in it and that's when you begin to realise what is about to happen and he takes this water chute allllll the way home. He passes through a supermarket and swipes his card for a banana, he also goes down into the tube station and swipes his card again - all without actually touching the machinery cos of course, he can't - being inside this plastic tube full of water!!

Naturally anything I say cannot come anywhere close to describing how the advert really looked, so here's the video!

I saw it for the first time today and my jaw dropped at the bizarreness of the advert, but at the same time the child in me thought "woohoo, if only all commutes home could be like that!!". The only thing is that it wouldn't do much for my hair and what on earth would I do with all the clothes that get left behind in the office! This is what happens when you start to think too literally when in fact, it's all just a mindless piece of escapism. But a very good advert it was too, how do people think up stuff like this!!


Lorrie said...

oh sam, how kould you forget. The kar was Bens!! and the other thought that past through my mind was....... how do they get sekurity with that kard...ooops... or am I being to literal. mwah.xx

Sam said...

I feel quite compelled to point out that Mum (aka Lorrie above) still does not have a working C on her keyboard!!! ;-)

Lorrie said...

sertainly makes for individualism!!

Andy said...

Oh my god! You've got to fix that C! ;-)

And yes, you beat me to it - how could you not know the advert for your brother's car?!

Btw, *awesome* advert. Like the bit where he gets stuck.

Andy said...

Btw, Tom's just watched it three times in a row, wants to watch it again, and says "I just love it when people are in their underwear!".