Saturday, 1 November 2008


Many of you will know what I am talking about when it comes to NaBloPoMo, and for those of you that don't it's  a regular bloggy thing that encourages people to blog rather more regularly by committing to blogging on a daily basis for at least a  month in order to establish the habit.

As far as I can gather, this is usually most popular in November when it was originally set up,s and although there are now regular themes each month, but November still remains the most popular month for blogging  (quite probably because there are random prizes for those that do manage to blog every day!) and I have decided to join those people for the month of November and see how I get on.

It will be a struggle to try and blog something every day and sometimes I am quite sure that I will post utter drivel, but hey ho, it's only through practicing that I'll get better!  So here goes!

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