Wednesday, 19 November 2008

another whoops!

But this time, it's a lesson learned!

For all you card makers out there, or indeed, all you craft not stamp and emboss and then cut out said images unless you know for absolutely certain what's on the other side!! Unfortunately I cut up a perfectly lovely yellow patterned piece of paper and then couldn't use the stamped images because the yellow showed through on the cut edges of the paper. (and can't now use the yellow paper because the embossed images show through!)

Like I said - a lesson learned (or should that be learnt - Mrs Spit, I need your help there as the acknowledged grammarian!!) and this is the perfect example of needing to look before I leap. Luckily I am not usually an impulsive character so I can be assured that I don't normally need to check things before I do them.

Still, when the card-making desk is all cluttered and piled high with bits of paper, stamps, ink, pens, scissors and the like, it is actually rather lucky I didn't cut out something that I really did need and would be have been utterly cross with myself about. As it is, it is just a whoops and and "oh poo, I didn't mean to do that", but no biggie.

Just pay attention next time!!

1 comment:

Mrs. Spit said...

Meh. Either. It's like "pleaded guilty" or "pled guilty"

Both are right.