Monday, 3 November 2008

The Election

Although I am not American, the only election that I could possibly be talking about this week is the one currently going on across the pond. I have managed to avoid talking about it so far, but something curious came to my notice the other day.

All the news coverage that I have seen so far suggests that it is a race between Obama and McCain, and yes, I would say that the news reports are right, but did you know that there are other candidates for the American Presidency?

Granted they are the candidates with the most money and are most likely to succeed (whichever candidate it may be!), but the Green Party, the Libertarian Party, and the Constitution Party all have nominees, and there is also an independent candidate.

Now, I don't know how much coverage those other presidential hopefuls get in the United States, but they certainly don't get any coverage in the British media - at least not that I have seen. So, I would imagine that any Briton would assume that there are only two candidates and that the election is all about Obama and McCain.

I am not silly, I do realise that the race is truly a two horse one, but why is it that the other nominees don't get a look in at all? It is totally down to money or is it believed that the only possible successful candidates come from the Republican or the Democratic Party?

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susan said...

The other parties are barely acknowledged at all. In fact the only time we seem aware of them is if someone happens to have a sign in their yard. Or to curse Ralph Nader for messing up the votes.

I don't know this is, I'm sure it mostly just boils down to money. Sad, but true...