Saturday, 8 November 2008


How many of you have quirks that other people just accept as being part of you (while still teasing you about them of course!)?

I am quite sure that I have several quirks but the one that seems to stand out is my habit of making noises. For instance, I just now stumbled over my little table on my way back to the armchair after turning the telly on (yes, I know I am watching less TV these days, but that doesn't mean I can't watch it at all!) and instead of just collecting myself and sitting down, I made this noise as well.

My family will know exactly what I mean, as will my close friends and colleagues - it goes something like this "whooooop!", it doesn't quite come out so well in the written form. Nevertheless, every time I slip, stumble or have a minor mishap, this particular noise or some variant seems to come out of my mouth!

I just seem totally unable to prevent this particular quirk, I do try and tone it down in polite company but it still pops out! It happens even when I manage to keep my balance but something else attracts my attention, the point is that I don't always have a volume control on my voice.

The funniest noise that two members of my family particularly tease me about is actually a word, I can't remember exactly when it happened but it was at least a year ago if not more when somebody happened to mention that someone was wearing shorts in particularly nasty weather (it was probably early spring or late autumn or something) and I repeated, in a rather loud and squeaky voice - SHORTS?!

And so now I get teased by people (you know exactly who you are!) when I am particularly loud by saying "SHORTS!". Naturally I am not quite like this at work, but I still manage to make the odd noise or two and I do wonder what my colleagues think of me sometimes, fortunately I have been reassured by at least one of them that she just thinks of merely as being part of me and that I wouldn't be the same if I was this quiet little person in the corner!


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Sam said...

cheeky so and so!!! For everyone else...he's one of the ones that was there when I originally said that stupid word, and so of course, he never resists an opportunity to say it!!