Thursday, 4 September 2008

Utter randomness

Every now and then I have bits and pieces to say, nothing that really adds up to a nice sized post in themselves, but collectively they manage to do quite well....
  • First off...bloomin' roadworks! A road in my village is being resurfaced, work started on Monday and all indications are that it will last about two weeks. The trouble is that it's one of the popular roads for people wanting to avoid the main street. Despite reading signs for about two weeks I naturally forgot all about it on Monday and attempted to drive to work using my normal route - no go! I did eventually make it to work, albeit via a rather circuitous route through the village in order to get onto the road I really wanted! Tuesday wasn't so bad as I remembered about the roadworks; however, yesterday and today have not been brilliant because other drivers have discovered that they can drive through the little estate that I live on!! The road is fairly standard sized, but because it's a residential area there are cars parked on both sides of the road and makes it quite awkward sometimes, so when you get about ten or more cars all following each other, it gets really crazy!!

  • Secondly....bloomin' headache! It all started on Tuesday night when I woke up round about midnight after a very strange dream and fell asleep again only to wake up at about 4am with a most horrendous headache. I took a couple of paracetamol (as soon as Phoebe cat heard I was in the kitchen she dashed down to see if it was breakfast time - no chance!) and went back to bed in the hopes of falling asleep again - it took ages, with me tossing and turning very carefully and whimpering every now and then! I did actually go to work yesterday morning but went home at lunch time and proceeded to ruin any chance of sleeping that night by falling asleep on the sofa! The headache has gone, but I am now a tender little flower with the occasional pain in my head - I just need one good nights sleep and I'll be fine. (she says assertively!)

  • Thirdly...bloomin' whinger! That's me by the way I whinge about the roadworks, the headache and if I took the opportunity, this post would be one loooong whinge-fest, but I really can't do that to you all as no-one likes a moaning Minnie! Besides, it's not good for me to whinge as I get more and more blah, I need to be happy about things, to see the sunny side of things, to smile and laugh and be more optimistic!!
So, on a happier's Thursday! Which means that the weekend isn't all that far away!! Woohoo, roll on the weekend! ;-)

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Tess said...

Hope your head is all better now! Love the way cats think you'll feed them any time of day (or night). Mine only get food if I get up and STAY up.