Wednesday, 17 September 2008

'elf and safety?

I didn't quite know whether or not to report a near-miss to our Health and Safety Department today, instead I fell about laughing as Ann managed to attach herself to the table-top fan in the office! (Fortunately no injuries were sustained!)

It was one of those occurrences that could never be recreated as the circumstances were just so very precise whilst being utterly random at the same time!! Talk about a million to one chance! Let me explain......

Ann was sitting at the main work desk covering books with plastic to protect them from those fingers fresh from surgery! The fan was blowing in just the right direction to bother her, so Ann went to move it out of the way...only to latch her bracelet onto the mesh at the back of the fan! The bracelet has one of those push latches and it just managed to be in the right place to latch onto the fan! (too coincidental for fiction!!)

Anyway, I managed to stop sniggering long enough to turn the fan off and help Ann disentangle herself, all the while threatening to take a photograph for bloggie posterity (luckily for Ann I am not that mean!).


Anonymous said...

Glad to give you such a laugh - I must say Sam, I fully expected you to jump up and get the camera first (an opportunity missed!). Thanks for freeing me

Scribbit said...

The title cracked me up--I couldn't figure out what it was supposed to mean until I noticed on your profile that you're in the UK. AHA! Now I've got it :) I'm slow but I get there eventually.