Sunday, 14 September 2008


For the last couple of weeks I have been looking forward to a local fair that has been advertised. The poster suggested that it would be full of stalls, local crafts, bands, rides and all the usual fun things that you might see at a fair.

Well, I went today. And discovered that expectations are dangerous! It was basically a boot sale. Which, in itself, I don't mind, but that was not what I was expecting and so it was rather a let down. In fact, I think that I took longer to get there across country roads than I did actually looking around the stalls.

As I am not such a fan of boot sales, I don't think that I would have gone if I knew that that was pretty much all it was. I just couldn't quite believe that I was attending something that I didn't really want to and I was quite annoyed that I'd wasted my time, I mean, I'd gone with the expectation of spending a couple of hours outdoors in relatively good weather, but left after about fifteen minutes!

I should sue for false advertising!! The point is, though, that expectations do sometimes get the best of us, we look forward to a holiday so much that while it is a nice holiday it doesn't quite meet the giddy heights of our expectations; we bite into that gooey looking cookie only to find that it is dry and crumbly. We all do it and sometimes expectations are perfectly met and we go home raving about that beach or that restaurant. Well, I experienced the flip side of expectations today and it wasn't nice.

Oh well, on to the next experience. Which is actually tomorrow as I head off to University for the induction day of my Masters course - tell you all about that tomorrow!


Alice Teh said...

Hi Sam, you'll be very busy in the days ahead for your Masters study. Happy studying!

jen said...

good luck with your induction day!

(and that must have been annoying!)

Anonymous said...

Sam I am so glad I didn't go to that, the write up sounded really good and I was tempted!
Hope today goes okay, think of us tomorrow!!