Monday, 8 September 2008

Hot for the Holidays!

Some of you may have noticed that a new button has appeared on the left of my blog! This is the snazzy Hot for the Holidays button - a little challenge as set up by Baby Tea Leaves in order to get us all fit and healthy for Christmas!

This works for me as if I try and do this sort of thing after Christmas and as part of my new years resolutions then I never last much beyond the 2nd January!! This way round I may actually have some success!

Unlike that amazing gal on Baby Tea Leaves, I cannot claim to have run four miles this morning - you go gal! In fact, I am pretty much starting from rock bottom - I rarely exercise and love my sweet snacks far far too much. However, this does mean that I can implement lots of great new things (baby steps mind you!) and get myself just that little bit healthier. So, my main goals are to drink more water (whether with squash or herbal tea!), exercise more (far more eventually!) and eat more sensibly.

I should point out though that I do not believe that dieting works. I am not about to go on some silly cabbage diet that means that I start craving crisps or chocolate, instead I will still enjoy the odd biscuit, just not in the volume that I usually inhale them in!! Instead of going all out to run four miles a day and pulling a muscle and not enjoying it, I plan to gradually up the exercise at a pace that gets me breathing heavily (down boy!) and yet still having fun!

And this is the bit that means most to me - having fun. This is not about depriving myself or pushing myself so hard that I give up after a week, this IS about cranking up the music on the Davina DVD and bopping around the lounge scaring the life out of the cat! This is about considering buying myself an iPod so that I can go running with music in my ears - fun, fun, fun.

Anyway this challenge officially launched today and every Friday is Fat Ticker Friday where we all pop over to Baby Tea Leaves and tell everyone how well or how badly we've been doing, which is great incentive to keep on the downside of the scales! So, if you'd like to take part - head on over to BTL and see what everyone else is doing.


Anonymous said...

Oh good for you. Sounds like a very sensible sustainable approach.

Diets are rarely good. No-one ever sticks to them permanently. You have to incorporate a few new good things and good ways into your life which is what you are doing.

I do run and I walk a lot but other than that I just try to eat things where I can visualise all the ingrediants (so no junk) but I eat a lot and drink like a fish.

And what a good idea to do it now.

Good luck.

Bobbi said...

Great idea!

Christie O. said...

i'm the same way -- i'm all about healthy eating, not dieting. i'll still have some treats but i won't gorge myself. anyway, yay! glad you're in!! weeeeee!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're in Sam the benefits will be brill for you, can't wait to see what you do when there are treats around here tho! - I will delight in saying 'just one'!!!
I looked at the site, and decided I was probably too lazy to try!!!
Good luck to you tho