Friday, 19 September 2008

My To Do List?

This week's question from Baby Tea Leaves asks what's on our life's to do list and to be perfectly honest I don't think that I really know, but I am going start a little list here and see what pops out!

1. Finish this Masters that I have only just embarked on!
2. Visit Boston (the one in the United States not the UK!)
3. Get a dog - a West Highland Terrier - those little white dogs are too cute!
5. Visit Australia again - it was so good the last time around that I want to do it again, this time spending far more time in places (a few days in each of Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide just isn't enough!!)
6. Bag a Munro or two! For those of you that don't know, a Munro is a mountain in Scotland and there is a 'sport' called Munro Bagging where you climb as many as you can in your life time!
7.Visit the antebellum houses of the Southern States in America (as well the rest of the States eventually!)
8. Learn how to cook properly! (have just finished watching Masterchef - amazing inspiration)
9.Visit Canada again

Hmmmm, I am clearly a traveller, if subconsciously rather than actively thinking and planning it all! If only it wasn't so expensive!! I'd also like to go back to Copenhagen again as I have a rather soft spot for the place that I lived in for three months.

And this Friday's fat-ticker? I reckon that the scales have broken cos they are not showing any difference from last week. Except that actually it is my willpower and not the scales that are currently broken! But, hmmmm, I really really must do better than this and am already showing slight improvements by drinking more water during the day and eating more fruit for lunch, although I know that I can do more - baby steps, baby steps - as long as I am not going backwards!!


Honey Mommy said...

Good job on not gaining weight! My husband was gone all week, so I didn't get to exercise much.

I had to be really careful about what I ate... which sucks. It seems everything I eat just sticks to me!

Baby steps is right!

Bobbi said...

Good luck with your to do list! Glad you didn't gain weight. After 3 months of not drinking Coca-Cola, I fell off the wagon this weekend - now I'm too afraid to get on the scales!

Alice Teh said...

Good luck with your to-do list, Sam! Consistent, baby steps work best.

Christie O. said...

Hey, no loss means no gain! And that's wonderful too! See? It's cup half-full. Great list. Mine turned out a lot of travel too, go figure! Looks like a lot of HFHers need to win the lottery! haha!