Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Study is tiring!

Well, that's it! I've now had two days at the university. The first day was the induction day where they told us about passwords and ID badges and stuff like that, as well as an hour long session on how to use the library which was rather amusing for me seeing as I run a library of my own!

Induction day also meant that we had to do various exercises to get to know each other, the first was the common exercise of throwing a ball of string to each other in order to create the web of connection to make us all realise that we have things in common and are not merely just a bunch of students on the same course. The more interesting activity involved exercising our little used art skills! We were all asked to fill a piece of A4 paper with images that reflected where we thought we were at this present time with regard to what we do at work. The intriguing thing is that we were then split into groups and then had others interpret our pictures which was quite interesting and in some case revealing as perhaps others saw things in our pictures that we hadn't consciously revealed.

Today, however, was filled with honest-to-goodness study where we sat and listened to the tutor (they don't seem to be called lecturers these days!) and did various exercises plus the usual group work stuff that has always been popular within educational strategies! All I can say really is that I am so glad that I actually did some of the pre-reading because the tutor simply touched on many of the issues covered today - for two reasons really, firstly because time is of the essence particularly as we only have three attendance days at the university per module, and secondly because at Masters level we are most definitely expected to direct our own learning and the tutor fully, and rightly, expected us to have done the reading and therefore understand what she was talking about.

In any case, there was a lot crammed in to today's session and I now need to reflect and think of what I learnt today, not to mention go and read a bunch of rather dry books! It was certainly very interesting and I look forward to the next study day which is at the end of September.

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Alice Teh said...

You're going to have lots more coming your way. Happy learning and enjoy it! :D