Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Water, water everywhere!

I am on a bit of a healthy kick at the moment and as part of that I am drinking far more water than usual! Of course, the side effect of this is what you might expect!! I am just hoping that my body will eventually get used to this extra water! (never mind the fact that Mum has referred to me before now as the Woman with the Smallest Bladder in the World! Thanks Mum!)

As part of this healthy regime, I am also doing more exercise than ever before (go me!) at home by using exercise DVDs/videos and am quite pleased that I have been able to stick with this for about three to four weeks so far. However, I have to say that the cat (Phoebe) doesn't seem to care that I need space for this! Before now she has wandered a bit too close to a high kick for my liking, or she has decided to weave in and out of my legs while I am balanced legs akimbo stretching those aching muscles! Silly pet owner that I am, I have also caught myself angling my star jumps away from Phoebe as she saunters out the door and then jumping my way back to face the television again!!


Lorrie said...

yeah go Sam !! xxxxx

Me said...

Well done!! :) I understand about small bladders, I thought I was alone there! :)