Thursday, 10 January 2008


...on books for the Triple Eight challenge is not easy!! Although I am now beginning to identify the books that I want to read, some of which I even have at home already but have not yet read (or they are obviously in my re-reads category!).

So, I am now going to set up various links and postings each relating to one of the eight categories, so do excuse me if my blog suddenly goes a bit funny or keeps changing on you!
Just to let you know - each section wont be complete yet as I am still looking and pondering on my selection! Fortunately the rules of this challenge also allows participants to change their minds, so don't be too surprised if you find that my choices change!

I have to admit that it is rather fun choosing books and being picky about everything. It has actually opened my eyes a bit more as to what sheer variety is out there. I already knew that, but somehow it had never really registered with me, particularly when I stand in bookshops and bewail the fact that 'there's nothing to read'! Which is patently untrue, it was just that either I was bewildered by sheer choice, not in the mood for a book, or just being far too selective!

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