Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Am feeling somewhat virtuous now as I have just given blood! It always seems to surprise me when I see just how dark that blood is. Oh well, I now have two plasters - one on my finger where they take a bit of blood to check my iron levels as they can't take blood if I can't afford to give it! And, of course, one on my arm - my badge of honour!!

Anyway...I said yesterday that I would post a picture of my new candle thingie, well, I never got round to taking the photo because I was trying to resuscitate a plant! I have to admit that I have rather more black than green fingers and my umbrella plant was not looking good - hasn't been looking good for a while actually and I kept meaning to do something about it and then promptly forgetting! (it's a good job that the cat wont let me even go near the kitchen without demanding food!! Although I have to say that pets are quite different to plants!)

I have had this plant for two and a half years, which is something of a record for me (it was given to me as a housewarming present) and as it is the only indoor plant that I have, I am quite determined to keep it alive! It badly needed repotting, so I repotted with lots of lovely new compost and plenty of water and now I await the resurrection!!

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Me said...

I'm the same.. unless it's a succulent, I kill it somehow. I'm just amazed that I have kept my strawberry plants alive! :)