Saturday, 12 January 2008

Candle Party

I went to a Candle Party last night! Have you heard of Candle Parties? They're just another variation on the old Tupperware Party!

A friend invites you (and a bunch of other friends of course) to her house for an evening of wine and nibbles so that you can listen to a sales person say how wonderful her products are and of course, you get to see said products in action!

Now, I have to admit that I am addicted to candles, but it is an addiction that I am manging to restrain fairly well - I don't go for all shapes and sizes, but do enjoy having candles all lit up in the lounge.

Anyway, I had a good time last night! There were about eight of us, which actually made for a nice, cosy evening in with friends ensuing in lots of laughter! (particularly over the story of some friends who said that they'd made a promise to go to the health club the morning after they'd done rather too much drinking- they did too - they walked up to the club, had a coffee and walked home again!)

The only trouble with parties like this is that you have to listen to a lot of sales patter as well as the usual spiel about "if you are a hostess you get to have X percent off" - it got a bit irritating really. The funniest thing was that the saleswoman kept saying 'smells' as in "you can choose between these bottles but not these smells" and I was so very tempted to advise her that 'fragrances' would sound so much better!

Despite those niggles, I did think that there were one or two good products! So, I have bought two little round candle holders that match my hurricane lantern, plus a nifty little insert that goes inside said hurricane lantern so that I use three tealights instead of one pillar candle - it looks really nice. Of course, I also had to stock up on more candles!

I am now eagerly awaiting the delivery of my purchases!


Literary Feline said...

Fragrance is a more attractive word than smells when talking about candles, I agree. I went to a candle party years ago and thought the prices too high, but then they often are at parties like that. I always feel obligated to buy something even if nothing catches my fancy.

I enjoy candles too, but with a dog and a cat in the house, I don't often light any. They're good about staying away from them, but I always worry a table will get bumped and suddenly the house will go up in flames.

Becca said...

Candles, one of the coolest inventions in the world. I think my ceiling will be coated in wax by the time we move out. ;) I had to giggle when you mentioned "smells" because I have a bad habit of calling them "flavors." I mistakenly said it once, and it just sort of stuck.