Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Triple Eight Book Challenge

There are several Book Challenges within the blogosphere - the chunkster, the pub challenge, what's in a name and many many more! Not to mention from the stacks that I am taking part in and have nearly finished!

However, I think that this one beats all comers! This is the 888 Book Challenge - which equates to eight books in eight categories for 2008! This challenge is so phenomenal that it terrifies even me - yes, me - who reads too much too fast anyway! I don't quite know what it is that alarms me about this challenge; it is the fact that I am being asked to categorise and plan my reading before I begin, or because it really does take me out of my reading limits, which if I am honest, are rather narrow - romance, fantasy, history and the odd non-fiction.

Having said that - what is the point of a doing a challenge if it doesn't (ahem) challenge you!? So, I think that I am going to ponder this one and see what I can come up with - watch this space!

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Alice Teh said...

I'm very curious to know if you'll embark on this one!