Friday, 11 January 2008


Given that I am visiting Australia this year, I thought that this would be a particularly apt choice! This section includes both fiction(F) and nonfiction(NF) and I think that I will leave a few spaces for some books actually bought in Australia!
  • 30 days in Sydney: the writer and the city* (NF) by Peter Carey
  • The dig tree: the extraordinary story of the ill-fated expedition* (NF) by Sarah Murgatroyd
  • The explorers* (NF) by Tim Flannery
  • Beneath the Southern Cross (F) by Judy Nunn
  • Silver Bay (F) by Jojo Moyes
  • Black kettle and full moon: daily life in a vanished Australia (NF) by Geoffrey Blainey
  • Convict women (NF) by Kay Daniels
  • Silver in the sun (F) by Tony Parsons

*already sitting on my shelves!

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