Monday, 14 January 2008

Cheap books!

If there was ever an argument for Charity's the books! Some people wont go near Charity Shops and I can see how they might feel, but they are missing out on some very good bargains.

I got a really good deal on Saturday, I was so chuffed!! I got four of the books in Diana Gabaldon's Cross Stitch/Outlander series for £1.90 - I don't think that I have made a better bargain anywhere else!

I read these books years ago, but the copies were Mum's and have since been somewhat battered by the umpteen lendings and readings, not to mention the slight damp in the corner of the room where they are!! So, I am really pleased to get copies of my own, now I just need to watch out for the other books in the series as there are more than four books!

I also managed to find a couple of my Triple Eight Challenge books - Silas Marner and Schindler's Ark and picked up another biography - this one about Alistair Cooke.

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Melody said...

I love going to used bookstores, because not only you get the best bargains but you also get the chance to find older books which are already out of print! ;)