Thursday, 14 August 2008


I am at home this week enjoying a week of holiday before I go away on holiday, so I was at home when the post arrived this morning (in fact, I was wide awake at 7am and actually got up!!) and got to experience the joy of opening an acceptance letter from the local University!!

Eeek, it is slightly scary actually to think that I will be embarking on a Masters course, I know that I can do this, but I most definitely need to clear out and tidy up my study. In fact, to prove to you just how messy it is, here are a couple of photos!!

Horrible isn't it! As soon as it is tidy, which I am hoping will be before I go to bed tonight, I will take some more photos and post them for you all to gasp in amazement at!!

By the way, I should also add that I had a great evening out last night, a couple of friends and I went to a local brasserie called The Old Bank. The white wine was lovely, if bloomin' expensive, I would have had more than one glass but I was driving. I had Chicken Supreme with lardons of bacon, wrapped in puff pastry, with a cheese and potato stack, and finely shredded carrot, all with a champagne and lemon thyme sauce - it was very nice (don't sound tooo shocked Mum and Dad!!!) and for pudding I had the most gorgeous honeycomb vanilla cheesecake - I will be going back there at some point, hopefully for Christmas anyway as we may have our staff do there - all six of us!


Anonymous said...

Sam that mess is kinda comfy and homely looking, but it will be really great to clear it ready for the Masters. To Sams mum - I can definately say she did have all that food (I was amazed!), a great evening, thanks Sam

A xx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sam - glad you won't be bored in the evenings now!!
When you've finished tidying you spare room you can come and do mine if you like? (very brave showing it on you blog)
Meal sounded great looking forward to joining you all next time!

T xx

Cecile Weekly said...


Mrs. Spit said...

Congrats, and I'm hungry now. Mmmm that sounds like a good meal!

jen said...

Congratulations on the course! And good luck with the tidying... I do hope you don't find any more "embarrassing evidence" amongst your desk debris ;o)

Sam said...

I should point out that that "embarassing evidence" mentioned above was something that Jen wrote about 16 years ago - a great poem that I just might blog about!!!

Mum said...

Do you mean to say that I needn't have baked all those choc chip cookies and sausage rolls to take on our hols!!

Ah well, the dog is ever grateful.

A BIG congratulations on your acceptance to the university. I know you will do well. xxx

Hecticmom Undone said...

Yay!!! Congratulations on the Masters program. It is something that you will never ever regret doing! (well, you may regret it WHILE you are doing it - but certainly not AFTER you are done. Just trust me on this one. We may have to live with brief or no blogging during that time however.)

And as for the clutter - you're still doing just fine. I'm right there with you in the clutter factor (my matra is - Well at least it's CLEAN. It may not be organized, but it's CLEAN! (only because I have people to come and clean it.))

Alice Teh said...

Congratulations and all the best in your Masters! It's going to be hectic but nevertheless enriching. Enjoy!