Sunday, 3 February 2008

Tom and Emily

I have been rummaging around my Christmas photos and finally sent some of them to those that were there (better later than never!) and I found this one of my nephew and niece!
They look so peaceful just sat there on the floor playing with their toys, I think that at one point Tom was playing with Emily's toys and vice versa!

And here is a good photo - this one shows Tom and Emily with the Christmas presents that I gave them - Emily loved her new cardigan and Tom had fun with his new rollerskates (I hope that he hasn't done himself an injury yet!!)


Me said...

Aww what gorgeous blonde hair! :) Too cute. :)

Sorry about the spider pics, heh. I couldn't believe the size of the thing though and just had to share. :)


Alice Teh said...

The little girl is wearing a very cute costume... :D