Saturday, 9 February 2008

Glorious Day

Every now and then the British weather bestows a perfect day on us! Today was just such a day, so I tore myself away from the computer and went for a walk.
I drove the car up to Barbury Castle Country Park and did a circular walk from the Castle, which is actually a very old earth fort, round the racecourses, past Ogbourne St. Andrew and Ogbourne St. George and back up the Ridgeway to Barbury Castle.

Nine miles all told and it took me three and a half hours, so I do not feel at all guilty snuggling up with the cat in front of the television all day!
The last three miles back to Barbury Castle were the hardest as I was very tired, and although my feet hurt now, I am happy! (and expect to sleep well tonight!)


Me said...

Wow, what a walk!! :)


Alice Teh said...

Glad to know you're happy! :D