Friday, 8 February 2008

Fake Cakes!?

I have recently discovered the joy of foodie blogs and there are quite a lot of them about, although I must say that I actually prefer those that focus more on baking and show me lots of nice pictures (and recipes) of cookies, buns, cakes, bread and all things nice!

A small selection of them are....Culinary in the desert, baking and books (perfect combination!), Table bread, Orangette, Food blogga, and Baking bites. Clearly there are far more than that so do go hunting!

The real reason that I wanted to mention these blogs is that when I was browsing Baking Bites, I came across a post all about fake wedding cakes yes you read that right - fake wedding cakes!

I just could not believe what I was seeing, but it is true, there is a company that will provide a fake wedding cake for you complete with a section at the back that will contain a slice of real cake so that you can feed your bride/husband to be right there and then. Your guests will then get offered a piece of cake that is not so expensive.


If money was the issue, I would get so much more joy in baking my own cake (gotta be chocolate!) and sharing that with everybody.

No, I just don't get it and I have been sat here pondering this. What on earth is the point of doing this...hold on....have just googled the cost of wedding cakes - £360?! £460?!? Good grief! That's it - if I am ever getting married then I shall take enormous delight in making my own. Mind you, I suppose not everyone enjoys baking.

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Me said...

My gosh thats so expensive for a cake!!! However, now I feel like cake...hmm.. hehe :)