Monday, 4 February 2008

money, money, money!

I finally got myself some Australian dollars today!! It has been a long time coming, I kept meaning to go to the bank and then forgetting, then on Saturday I decided that enough was enough, I need to get that money!

So I raced to the bank late on Saturday morning only to find that it was one of those self-service banks - no counter service at all, which was really really annoying as you'd think that a major bank on the high street would have a full counter service! (unknown to me there was another one a couple of streets away, but I don't know the town all that well!).

I then dashed to post office, but it closed just as I got there! Of course, now I am beginning to panic as I am worried that I would need to order the money, I mean - are Australian dollars the kind of money that banks and post offices would have lying around like Euros?

Anyway, I finally nipped into the central post office on the way home this evening and got some dollars! Have you ever seen Aussie paper money? Firstly, it is plastic not paper, with a little see-through bit in the corner which, I presume, is an anti-forgery device. I look forward to spending my money!! Not long to go now!


Me said...

I could do with some extra Aussie dollars. Haha. :) The only problem with it being plastic is that it easily slips out of your pocket. :)


Alice Teh said...

Oh yes, I've seen them. Very nice! I think our Malaysian Ringgit MYR5 denomination uses the same material too. I want to go to Australia again. :)