Thursday, 28 February 2008

New hobby

I love baking but try not to indulge in it too often, unless I can share the goodies, as it is a temptation too far!!

However, I have just discovered how easy is it to make muffins!! So, this is my new hobby! I had some eggs left over from something the other day and so decided to try my hand at muffins - well - it could not be easier!!

If you find all that creaming and mixing that baking usually involves a bit tough on the arms, then try muffins! It's simply a case of mixing the dry ingredients, then mixing the wet ingredients and simply blending the two together in a big bowl - a few seconds! (according to the recipes you shouldn't over-stir anyway as that probably prevents the muffins from rising as much as they would).

It could not be easier could it - I even made some this morning as I woke early and now they will be given to my evening colleagues, who, I am sure, will enjoy them very much! (the people that I mainly work with have already had a batch!)
By the way - did I mention that this morning's batch was my third dozen this week? And I plan to make some more tomorrow so that I can take some on the aeroplane and give some to Dad to take home after he drops me off at the airport!!

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Alice Teh said...

Beautiful muffins! I'm sure they're yummy too... :D