Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Well, it is now only a few (okay - three!) days until I fly about ten thousand miles around the world! Not that I am the least bit excited or nervous of course!

I have bought my charity books for the flight (and do you know, it was actually quite difficult to find a few books that I would happily give away later but still be good enough to hold my attention!), bought a puzzle book, sussed out what films are showing on Qantas planes, and even plan to make some chocolate chip muffins to snack on!

The ironing is done, the wedding outfit bought, the visa in order, the money changed (into Australian and Singaporean dollars!) and the packing is not quite finished yet!

I have been waiting for this holiday for so long that it doesn't quite seem real! The planning all began back in October and, baring any mishaps, I fly on Friday! My colleagues have decided that my head is already half way around the world as I decided that I was on desk-duty this morning when I wasn't!


Angela said...

oh, you're going to have a fantastic time I'm sure :)


Alice Teh said...

Have fun! Have fun! :D