Monday, 4 February 2008

It's bloody Brigadoon!

I love that line in Four Weddings and a Funeral!

However, I have to admit that I did watch Brigadoon last night (yes, I know, how sad am I!) as I do love that film.

Last night was the first time that I'd watched it in simply ages, and it was the first time that a really jarring inconsistency reared it's head.

Yes, I know that it is a daft film and you have to suspend reality anyway as it is about a village that reappears every hundred years, but this particular inconsistency I had never noticed before because I didn't know much about Scottish history.

Let me explain...Brigadoon vanished in the 1750's which means that all the actors are in lovely old fashioned Scottish costume which looks very nice - all those kilts and plaids and gorgeous swirly dresses.

But, and it is very big but, the kilt, plaid and all variations of the tartan were proscribed in 1746 under the Dress Act following the Jacobite risings; and was not repealed until 1782, so how could the people in Brigadoon being wearing all those fantastic kilts!?

I suppose that is just something that you'd have you know about for it to bother you, it's like that scene in one of the Mission Impossible film when Ethan types in "job" into google or some other search engine and only gets a few hundred hits!! To anyone that doesn't use the internet, this wouldn't mean much, but it bugs the heck out of the rest of us!!

There must be bits in many other films that just don't bother me, but annoy other people, so how far do you let it bother you, or do you ignore stuff like that if it doesn't really impinge on the film? The issue of kilts in Brigadoon never used to bother me because I didn't know about it, and annoys me but I can handle it!! ;-)

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