Sunday, 30 March 2008

Trust pink!

Wow, I never thought that I would say this, but I do "Trust Pink"!

Have you ever seen that advert about that stain remover in the pink tub - Vanish? Well, I can tell works!!

I wore a lovely white dress (from Monsoon if you are interested!) for the wedding in Australia, from left to right are Aunt Rowena (mother of the bride), Uncle Bernard (father of the bride), Sarah and Phil, me and David (brother of bride)

and towards the end of the evening I managed to spill red wine on it! And, due to traveling I wasn't about to risk washing it in the local laundrette, so I had to wait until I got home where I duly threw it in the wash, added a scoop of Vanish and crossed my fingers - the dried in red wine stain came out!!

Yes, it's gone - totally - I am so very pleased about that! I actually believe that advert now and would use it again!

And, if you would like to see a photo of a very soppy cat who is clearly pleased to see her owner back, look no further!!


Thew said...

Aww, a soppy cat and her soppy owner! Together again.

Alice Teh said...

I'm glad it worked! That's a really pretty white dress. And you look pretty in it. :D