Saturday, 8 March 2008

Hot Hot Hot

Adelaide is currently experiencing a serious heatwave at the moment - it is about 13 degrees centigrade above the average in March! Today is 40 degrees which is actually hotter than Alice Springs in the middle of Australia which is at a mere 35 degrees! And let me tell you, it certainly feels hot!

Still, it is nice and cool here - I have found my natural habitat - the State Library of South Australia!! (they let you use the internet free here!) Still, I think that everybody simply ambles from one air conditioned building to another!

For those of you that don't quite know what is happening when - the wedding is tomorrow (Sunday 9th March) in the late afternoon; it will be held at Tapestry Wines in Mclaren Vale about 45 minutes outside Adelaide. We are all a little concerned about the weather, especially poor Sarah as she will be wearing a wedding dress - quite how heavy the dress I do not know, but I do know that the men will be wearing suits! So, it is a good thing that the venue is heavily shaded!

This time I am staying with my Aunt and Uncle in a caravan park that is right on the beach! The cabin is tiny (I think that my hotel room in Sydney was bigger than the whole of this cabin!), but it does have air conditioning!

Like I said - hot, hot, hot!


Alice Teh said...

It's hot, hot, hot here too (but with occasional rain). I hope all is well with you. :-)

Lorrie said...

Dont know whether you will see this before the wedding but if you do please give our love to Sarah and Phil on their special day. Look after yourself in the heat. Cant wait to see those fabulous photos. Love you xxxxx