Saturday, 1 March 2008


Well, this is it, I have made the first leg of the journey - next one starts about 45 mins late as the plane has been "retimed" as they call it!!

So far so good!! The anxiety experienced yesterday I could have done without!!

Singapore has been the best bit so far though as I have just had a lovely refreshing shower and rather forceful massage!! I clearly needed it though as my back and shoulders feel all liquidy!! It was jolly painful though, at least it got rid of all those kinks that developed as I tried, and failed, to sleep on the plane!!

Am really looking forward to getting to Sydney though as then that is the end of this journey that seems to be rather arduous! Ooh, I have just realised that there are rather a lot of exclamation marks in this post!! (look another one!)

Still, that does rather reflect my excitement and the fun that I am having - I mean - look, I am on the internet in Singapore (!) am I really? Of course, I can't really say that I am in Singapore, cos I wont get to see any of the city proper - I don't even go through customs so I feel a bit of a fraud there!

I will see if I can find an internet cafe or two during my travels, so keep checking back to see if I have written anything interesting!

For the moment though, I need to jump back on another plane and keep going!!

Update: well that was daft of me - I bought some water and some face wash at Heathrow after I'd gone through security and was expecting to be able to take them all the way to Sydney - but, no - there is another security check in Singapore - never mind the fact that I haven't left transit or left my bag unattended...oh well, I suppose those rules are there for a reason - good job it wasn't a bottle of wine or something like that as the water and face wash got summarily thrown in the bin!!

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Anonymous said...

Sam - I can't believe you are 'blogging' from Sinagpore (although why am I suprised!). This is 'anonymous' - hope you have a really brill trip (you must be there by now), all weekend I have been wondering how you are getting on. Enjoy the wedding, Sydney Opera House ... well just enjoy everything and have a really great time xx