Wednesday, 5 March 2008


It is another sunny day here in Sydney, although it is a bit cloudy today. I have just had a late breakfast after walking in the Botanic Gardens before picking up my ticket to the Opera House for tonight!! Today I am off to Darling Harbour by ferry to see the Wildlife Park and perhaps do a bit of shopping!

Some of the local shops are nothing more than you'd see at home - Borders (!), MacDonalds, Starbucks etc! But there are a few shops that aren't to be found all over the world - one of the supermarkets is called Coles and I believe that another one is Woolworths! Clearly not the same Woolies that we might find at home!

Yesterday I took a bus to Spit Bridge and walked along a well known route to Manly - a seaside resort about seven miles from Sydney, although I don't think that I walked quite 7 miles! I then had the traditional fish and chips on the beach - lovely! Caught the ferry back to the centre of Sydney and then traipsed about trying to find some new sandals!! Found some in the end, but also had a good time rummaging around the shops - some familiar and some not so familiar! There is a shop called Billabong which I think is similar to Fat Face in the UK and I expect that I will buy some flipflops (called thongs in Australia!!) from Billabong or some other shop - gotta have flipflops in Australia - they are everywhere - as part of a casual or office or posh outfit!!

Tomorrow I plan to head off to the Blue Mountains and then on Friday to visit the Museum of Sydney in the morning before catching my flight to Adelaide in the afternoon!! Hopefully I be online again in Adelaide to tell you a bit more about my travels!


Thew said...

Sounds absolutely lovely!! I wish I was there too. Chips on the beach and thongs on your feet. The traditional Australian experience.

Anonymous said...

Sam, I agree with 'thew' - the traditional Australian experience sounds lovely, keep taking loads of pictures for us. Glad your hotel choice was so good, have a great time at the Opera tonight xx

Lorrie said...

good onya cobber!! or some such chatter. Glad you are having such a wonderful time. Love you xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sam, It all sounds wonderful - looking forward to all the pics when you get back!
You are coming back I hope???xx

Anonymous said...

Sam - now you have 2 'anonymous', you will need to work out which is A and which is T! I think we should come with you next time you go - enjoy the wedding on Sunday xx