Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I have been in Sydney for a few days now and am trying to do as much as possible without totally exhausting myself!

The weather has been gorgeous so far - apparently Sydney has had a rather wet summer so far, well, apart from a few drops of rain this morning, I have not seen any sign of rain, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed for good weather!

Have taken too many photos of the Opera House, seen too many spiders (although they haven't actually gotten entangled with me!) and have walked what feels like several miles!

The hotel is gorgeous, I actually have a really good view of the Harbour Bridge from my bedroom window and a partial view of the Opera House.

The strangest thing about Sydney is the sheer range of dress to be found, there are all sorts - from the short skirt and vest top (me right now) to the office women wearing tights (urgh - in this weather!) to the guys wearing jeans and sweaters!! I suppose that heat is relative really, I mean - coming from the UK where it is fairly cold at the moment - this 24 degree heat is just lovely for me, but if you are an Australian and are used to 30-40 degree weather then 24 degrees may just feel a bit cool!!

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