Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Still hot!

It's still hot in Adelaide - I think that the forecast for today is 36 degrees! Fortunately I have been sensible and stayed out of the sun as much as possible whilst drinking like a fish! (water that is, not alcohol!)

The wedding is now over, Sarah is now Mrs Halliwell! We all had a great time, even though it was hot - lots of photographs have been taken and I will share some of them with you when I get back to the UK as I have too many to try and upload and pick through for your viewing pleasure! (I think that I now have about 500 photos on my camera!!)

The wedding ceremony was quite different to what you might expect to see in the UK - the rings were "warmed" by the wedding guests, Sarah and Phil shared wine and said vows - it was all very unusual but at the same time very moving. Sarah was certainly very emotional at certain points during the ceremony.

Anyway - I am still in Adelaide and go swimming with the dolphins tomorrow morning before flying to Melbourne on Thursday where I have a tour of the Great Ocean Road on Friday.


Thew said...

Bloody hell! You really planned the crap outta this holiday, didn't you?! That's the cool thing about holidaying somewhere - if you're good, you can do all the things the locals never think to do.

Lorrie said...

swimming with Dolphins.... fabulous. Make the most of that one!! xxx

Lorrie said...

I've just found out who thew is!!! I never knew! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sam - glad you had a good time at the wedding, can't wait to see all the pics. Hope you enjoyed swimming with the Dolphins, that sounds great fun (I'm not brave enough though!). What luck you have had plenty of practice drinking loads of water lately! xx


Alice Teh said...

Swimming with the dolphins sounds cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad the wedding went well looking forward to seeing the pics!xx