Sunday, 16 March 2008


Am now in Melbourne for a few days! Arrived on Thursday and leave on Tuesday for the Whitsundays.

Still trying to squeeze in as much as possible, went for a tour of the Great Ocean Road on Friday - didn't get off to a great start as the minibus suffered a blown tyre on the freeway!! But the driver (and a few passengers) managed to change the wheel and we were off again - lots of twisty and windy roads with fantastic beach views!

Yesterday went to the City Museum and the immigration museum; second museum about immigration that I have been to - I just find the whole subject so fasctinating - what courage it must have taken to sail thousands of miles to create a new life for yourself.

Today I am busier still, popped along to the Queen Victoria Building where there is a very big market - all kinds of things - fruit, meat, seafood, clothes, tourist stuff, etc etc - even took a photograph of a pile of baby octupus all ready to cook! (ewgh!). Have just been to the Old Melbourne Gaol - fasctinating stories, visited the Watch House where we all got treated as suspects!! Had a photo taken of me holding a serial number! Will put that one up as soon as I get back home!

Now I am in another natural habitat - Victoria State Library - I don't suppose that many tourists know that these libraries provide free internet access!! Then this afternoon I am off to Melbourne Museum and then on the way back to the hotel I plan to stop for an iced chocolate drink at KokoBlacks - a well known chocolate haunt for Melbournians!!

The Grand Prix is on in Melbourne at the moment, but it does not appear to disrupt city life too much - only when the spectators are coming and going from the racetrack, then you see them in their droves - all wearing those laminated passes around their necks!!


Lorrie said...

did you swim with the dolphins? Gald the tire didnt end in tears! Thank goodness for libraries!! Have a fabulous last week. Thinking of you xxxxxxx

Thew said...

You're going to need a holiday when you come back.

Anonymous said...

That tyre blow sounds scary! With all those shops you should have taken the larger suitcase with you! Enjoy the rest of your holiday, it all sounds brill and I am looking forward to the pics. I had to smile - only you could source chocolate so quickly!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam
It sounds like you're having a fabulous (and busy!) time in Australia. I'm enjoying reading your blog news about it.
Have fun on your last few days. Will send emails when you return.
Jacqui (in freezing cold Aberdeen with snow forecast for weekend!)

Anonymous said...

It all sounds really brilliant!
Is your suitcase going to be big enough?