Friday, 21 December 2007

Nice people

Christmas always brings out the nice people!! In the library, we get to see those generous people who bring us some goodies to say thank you for all the work that have done for them over the year.

This year, we have had a box of biscuits from a Consultant, a box of chocolates from a Modern Matron (new, revamped NHS term!!) and another box of biscuits from a Sister; so we are feeling most appreciated here in the library!

Of course, it works both ways, we have given some chocolates to the lady who brings and collects our post every day, a box of biscuits to the IT department...after all, they are the ones that keep our computers going and put up with us when we telephone with yet another computer problem!!

The library notice board behind the duty desk is now covered in Christmas cards or posters printed out from emails sent from libraries around the region - it is looking very Christmassy!


Literary Feline said...

That is one of the better things about this time of year--the nice level goes way up. :-) It sounds like you and the other staff are very appreciated at the library and rightfully so!

Sam said...

Ha ha, I like the phrase "nice level goes way up". It is certainly lovely to know that we are appreciated!