Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Funny money

We don't handle a great deal of money in the Library, but we do get some as we deal with money for photocopying, printing, interlibrary loans, old books for sale - that kind of thing!

Unfortunately we get a few foreign coins, even some that are no longer in circulation like the French Franc! Anyway - we had a rather mangled 20p coin other day - see this photo with a more normal one for comparison!

All of us in the library had a good look at it and could not work out whether someone had taken a a hammer to it or whether it was perhaps a forged coin!! Incidentally, the better looking coin is 1982 and the mangled one is 1983 so, surely, it cannot be like this due to simple wear and tear. Well, the only thing that will solve the issue is whether or not the cashiers will accept the coin when we bank the money!

By the way - this is actually my 100th post - yay!! (what a silly thing to get excited about!!)

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Alice Teh said...

Goodness! The 1983 coin looks like it has gone through some pretty tough times... Interesting post, this one.

YAY YOU for the 100th post! Congratulations! :D