Sunday, 2 December 2007


Why oh why do things have to make life difficult!! I was all chuffed with myself cos I was actually up, washed and dressed by 10am - on a Sunday too!! Then I had to go to the bank to put a cheque in - I had deliberately left it until Sunday because I didn't want to go to town Saturday (and face all those shoppers!?).

So, I walked to the High Street and tried to put the cheque in via the hole-in-the-wall, but there was no option to do that, which surprised me as you used to be able to do that. Anyway, I did my Sainsburys shopping then went home and hopped in the car to go into town proper and put it in the big branch, cos I remembered seeing that they had specific machines that would accept money coming in.

Then my troubles started!! I got to the bank, filled in a form and went to pay the money in. The first machine was out-of-order, but the second was fine so I went through the rigmarole required only to find that I had to put the cheque and form in an envelope first. But could I find an envelope....? I looked all round the bank (it's one of those where you can get into the lobby area) and could not find anything. A kindly lady said that she had trouble finding one too, but that the shop next door had a pile of envelopes (I presume that this must have happened before), so I went into the shop on the left - no envelopes, so I went into the shop on the right - no envelopes!!!

Finally, I went to Smiths and bought packet of envelopes that I really have no need of, stuffed the form and cheque into one of them and went back to the machine and finally got rid of it!!!! But dearie me - what a pain in the neck!! And I was all calm this morning! I will try and regain some of that calm and enjoy the rest of the day!

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Melody said...

I hate going to the banks, because there's always a long queue no matter if it's a weekday or a weekend, and that sucks, besides some of their silly procedures that is.