Thursday, 6 December 2007

Advent blogging

Well, I seem to have written something every day so far this Advent, I wonder if I can keep this up!! I am reasonably confident that I'll find something to say every day even if it ends up being just pure waffle!!

And today is no exception!! Would you believe that there is apparently some discussion regarding Santa's weight? Apparently he should slim down in order to set a good example to children!! There are a couple of people blogging about this here and here, so I wont go into any great detail, except to say "oh for goodness sake!" He just wouldn't be Santa Claus if weren't all cuddly! The next thing I know is that they will be saying that Santa really shouldn't leave presents under the tree because that would be breaking and entering!!!

Anyway, speaking of everybody stumped when they get the question "what would you like for Christmas?" I always struggle to think of something that I would really like and yet I ask the same question of others!! Some people are quite happy with the same theme year in and year out - I am thinking of you and your trains Dad!!! ;-)

But, what does one say when faced with that question? Immediately list all the things that they would really really like but no-one can afford? Or simply fall back on the staple answer, you know the one - "surprise me!" The thing is that I would really rather be surprised as if I knew what I wanted then I am really quite likely to go and get it for myself if I want it that badly!!

Then again, perhaps I wouldn't buy it for myself if it is a little bit extravagant, and by that I mean not necessarily expensive, but something that you wouldn't buy for yourself but would love as a gift. And, wouldn't you know it, I can't think of a single example!!!

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