Monday, 3 December 2007

Card making

You should have seen my lounge yesterday!! It looked as though a craft shop had set up stall - there was stuff all over the place! Stamps on the table, punches on the coffee table, pens on the floor, paper on just about every surface available!

And this wasn't even for my own Christmas cards!! A friend of mine had been having trouble finding Christmas cards that she liked, so she asked if I would make some. Well, that was a few weeks ago, and as I am busy next weekend, I thought that I had better get on and make some!!

Now that I have a digital camera, I can keep a record of the cards that I make which saves me from having to keep one card as a template for future cards! Unfortunately I have not uploaded the photos yet, so I can't show you any of them (besides, you might be getting one of them, so perhaps I wont put them up at all!!)

I only actually made five cards; but found about 10 others in my Christmas box that I remembered at the last minute, so Bridget will have plenty to choose from. The reason that I only made five....? It's not the lack of equipment, but the lack of inspiration!! I subscribe to two card making magazines, but still seem unable to pick one or two ideas and just go with them.

Having said that, I am very out of practice at this business of card-making, I haven't made any new ones for about a year I think. I really must get back into this hobby as it is great fun, but I find that the ideas flow only when I am actively involved, as my creative side just stalls otherwise!

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