Thursday, 13 December 2007


It has been rather cold lately, and although I clearly have nothing to complain about when compared with the freezing weather in America that is causing havoc at the moment, it is still cold! Yes, yes, I know it is winter and therefore should be cold, but I always seem to find that just how cold it is takes me by surprise!

When I leave for work in the morning, my car is sometimes all frozen and needs defrosting before I can go anywhere! Fortunately, I have a heated back AND front windscreen, so I just get in the car, turn all the blowers on and go back outside to scrape off the side windows and by the time I have done those, my back screen just needs a little scraping and I can use the wipers on the front!

Great eh!? I don't think that I will ever now consider a car if it does not have a heated front windscreen!! My neighbour gets his wife to boil some up some water and then that gets poured all over the car - I am not certain that this is good for the glass as I understand that sudden (and extreme!) temperature changes can shatter glass.

The downside of my car is that the knob on the gearstick is metal!! So, I have to wear gloves if I don't want cold hands! I don't suppose that there is ever a car that is just perfect, there is always something that niggles or isn't quite as it should be!

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