Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Flippin' Car

Well, after the success of fitting a new headlight bulb, the last place I expected to be was by the side of the road waiting for the AA to come and rescue me!!!

Fortunately, it had nothing to do with any mistakes I might have made in attempting amateur car fixing. But the car was overheating again - another hose seems to have sprung a leak - grrrhhhh.

Unlike my last breakdown, I was on the motorway and so had no way of finding some nice local person to contact the AA for me. This time, I had my mobile phone and the text number of the AA (thanks Jen!), so I sent them a text, hoping that my battery would hold out.

I have to admit that I was a little dubious that they would actually get the text and respond - if only because it's not the normal way of contacting the AA and I wondered how the message would get through to the call centre. Anyway - they were with me within the hour and found that there was a leak and so towed the car from Bristol to Bassett.

This lovely car of mine is really beginning to tick me off now - the guys at the garage said that they needed to set up an account for me instead of sending bills!!! ha ha!! Fortunately, the garage have been very good to me and the bills haven't been too bad.

Still, it means that I am carless tomorrow, so I have arranged for a lift from a colleague so that I don't have to waste any of my precious annual leave hanging around the house waiting for the car to be fixed. It's all a pain in the proverbial and I could really do without calling the AA out again this year!! ;-)


Alice Teh said...

Errr... time to get a new car, Sam! ;-)

jen said...

um, i am inclined to agree! glad the text no worked, though!