Thursday, 9 April 2009


I always said that I'd go grey (gray?) gracefully, especially as my Nana always had beautifully silver hair and always looked very elegant.
However....I am definitely not ready to go grey just yet!!  I have been spotting a few grey hairs just above my ears, but they were ok because they were mostly hidden by the rest of  my hair.  Yet, I seem to be going a bit grey right in the middle of my fringe!! What's a girl to do?
Especially when this one isn't even 35 yet!!  ;-)  Mind you - I am reasonably certain that I am the only person that can see this, no-one else would take much notice I am sure, particularly as I am a dark blonde and as such all those pesky grey hairs are well hidden.
But I can still see them!!  Should I continue to go grey or should I start to colour my hair and end up spending a small fortune in order to maintain that colour!?  Why am I even considering this question?  Why are we all expected to stay as young as possible?  A recent article about Kylie and Madonna and how young they still look made for interesting reading and mentioned the pressures that women (and men) are facing. 
We are not permitted to grow old, heaven forbid that we gain a few laughter lines and grey strands of hair.  Since when have we been so frightened of looking our age?  I suppose that as 'treatments' have become cheaper it has become much easier to try and look young, but who wants to remain looking as though they haven't lived life, haven't gained some fantastic experiences, and have sailed through life without any problems at all.
We are who we are, and yes with a bit of care we can look the best we can, but I do think that we shouldn't be hiding our true faces - those faces that reflect our experiences of a life truly lived.  After all, who doesn't think that women like Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep still look good without even attempting to roll back the clock? 


Mrs. Spit said...

That's a really hard question. I started going white at 16, so I colour.

I think it's up to you. But, I will have to say, I think silver hair is lovely.

jen said...

I've been greyING and proud since I was about 20! Embrace it and enjoy - greyness is cool! Plus, topping up dye can be a pain.

Kirby3131 said...

A friend of mine started allowing her hair to go gray a few years back. Then she started buying clothing for an 80 year old (she was 45) and stopped wearing make up, etc. She just kept seeing herself as old. As soon as she got a killer haircut and a dye job, all of a sudden her spirits picked right up! I don't think she liked the gray LOL

so do what you'd like, but if you start acting like you should be in a rest home - get some color in those locks!

SpeakUp Librarian said...

I found my grey hairs to come in with a completely differen texture - very unmanageable. Also my brown hair looked very dull. So I got into the color game. When I'm a bit closer to Helen Mirren's age I'll go silver but for now I'm dyeing my hair. It's a personal decision and of course reversible whichever way you do choose.
My husband who's older than me by more than a decade has no problem with his natural look. Men do have it easier, don't they? sigh