Tuesday, 14 April 2009

let down

I am sure that you are all familiar with the experience of getting something that wasn't quite what you expected and that feeling of disappointment. That's bad enough I am quite sure, but when I had an envelope on my door mat when I got home this evening I thought that it was my essay from university being returned with the mark and comments enclosed.

So, I steeled myself and thought that I would just have to see what the marks were given that I think that I could have done better. It was just the right size and weight too, not to mention postmarked as coming from the university.

I was so bummed when it was a glossy newsletter and a snarky letter saying something like "we hope you are enjoying your studies". I was really quite disappointed and very annoyed - the timing was perfect too as the essay has been gone for over a month - plenty of time to be marked and sent back.

I was actually quite surprised at how annoyed I was - I was all prepared to face possibly poor marks along with constructive criticism and not getting anything was such a nuisance. I said a rude word several times as I went about the business of changing from the work me to the casual me. In the end I started laughing at how the whole thing made me feel and now I have to wait for when the marked essay really does arrive!!


Literary Feline said...

I've had moments like that too. I get myself all ready for something only to be let down. Like going in for my root canal on Monday only to be told it couldn't be done then because the doctor didn't have the right sized equipment. Now I have to wait another two weeks. I was really hoping to get it over with.

Hopefully you will get your essay back soon.

At My Own Pace said...

Oh yeah, I feel your pain! Yesterday mine was preparing myself for the final sting of the settlement bill, only to point out the bank had made a mistake and given us too much money! SO annoyed and lots of choice words said too.

Good luck with your essay, hopefully you'll see it soon! :)

Alice Teh said...

I hope you'll get the essay result soon...