Thursday, 26 February 2009


Well, it looks as though I am stuck at home today! The car broke down again last night. Remember last week? I thought that that was the end of it and didn't expect to have trouble again - how naive could I get!? ;-)

As I was driving home I noticed that the engine was overheating again, so I stopped with the intention of getting the AA out somehow. Only, when I went to put the handbrake on, there was absolutely no tension in the handle, so that wasn't working either - good grief - it's never just one thing is it?

Anyway, I knocked on the door of a house nearby and asked if they had anything that I could use to wedge the car safely so that it doesn't roll away. The elderly gent said that he had some bricks and of course, that's perfect. I then had to ask if they would telephone the AA for me as I cannot use the telephone without help. The gentlemen and his wife were so kind to me, they called the AA for me and and made me a cup of tea while we waited.

Fortunately we didn't have to wait that long (about an hour or so!) before a local tow truck came - apparently the AA were busy last night so they contracted the job out!! In any case it looks as though the car is leaking fluid in quite a big way, which means that there is nothing in the engine to keep it cool. So I presume that it is rather dangerous to drive!!

The car was towed home and is now sitting in my parking space waiting for the garage to come and pick it up so that they can have a look at it. I flatly refuse to drive it down to the garage myself as I just don't know what additional damage I may be causing by driving it when it is clearly malfunctioning. How long it will take to fix (or how much it will cost) I do not know.

I don't mind having a couple of unexpected days off, but it is annual leave that I wasn't expecting to have to take off work and it is just very very annoying. The garage have yet to pick the car up so I may just have to give them a call via typetalk and see what is going on.

In any case, it just makes me realise how reliant on the car I am. I could certainly get the bus to work, but that takes about an hour and a half instead of the usual twenty minutes by car. I am certainly glad that I live in a small town where there are shops nearby, so I will never need to worry about running out of milk and bread!!


Alice Teh said...

Oh dear... :( How are things now?

Kirby3131 said...

goodness, the saga of the car. Unexpected days off can be a welcome blessing. I hope you get to enjoy it a little bit.

Carolyn said...

I loooove that the elderly couple made you a cup of tea while you were waiting!

Take care and cheers from Sydney.

Emma said...

Hi Sam
Thanks for popping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment re items falling into my basket!! It was either that or Joanne and Katy put them in there...I am innocent!!! Lol
Hope you have got your car sorted out and had fun today doing your shopping.
Emma x