Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Family Gatherings

As we are all spread far and wide it is always lovely to gather as many of us as possible in one place!  An Australian cousin is currently visiting her parents in the UK and she has brought her four month old gorgeous baby girl, so when the invitation went out for a get-together, the date very quickly got penned into my diary.
As ever, we could not all make it there, but for those of us that did, it was a good day.  Lots of chat and laughter and cuddles of the newest family member - such a sweetie - very placid and happy to be held by all and sundry.  These get-togethers are always a bit odd - some of us haven't seen the other for at least year, and yet some of us see each other on a monthly basis and yet no-one ever runs out of things to say.  Whether it's talking about the recent appendectomy (not mine!), travels abroad, job troubles and applications, and all the rest of it!
Each family gathering is always slightly different as it contains the different sides of the family, for instance there is another family gathering the weekend after Easter, but this is a new one because it is our family and my brother's fiancee's family - most of whom I have never met!!  We are all celebrating the latest engagement - with a wedding to attend next year, so I think that we're sussing each other out before the bun fight!! ;-)


Mrs. Spit said...

How exciting!

and, umm,

bun fight?

CJ said...

I don't know what a bun fight is either... but I'm picturing bagels soaring through the air and it looks pretty fun! :)

Literary Feline said...

I am glad the get-together went well, Sam. It sounds like fun!