Tuesday, 31 March 2009


Sometimes you just have to do something that might take you out of your comfort zone.

I am itching to tell people what I did this week, but as I don't know what the outcome will be I don't want to either raise hopes or get people worried. Naturally it depends on who you are as to what you will feel first - hopeful or worried. (or even raise my own hopes and fears for that matter - ha ha!)

All I can say is, it went in the post on Monday after sitting on my coffee table all weekend after being agonised over for at least a week. I should expect to get an initial result in late April or early May and then perhaps I might tell you what's going on.

If all goes as well as I hope it does then I will most definitely be stepping out of my comfort zone and I actually look forward to this possibility because I think that it will do a lot for me in so many ways. But who knows! All I can say right now is "watch this space"!


Celia said...

An intriguing comment to make! Got me working out what you mean there! So many possibilities of what it could be! Lol! Hope the outcome is what you want!

At My Own Pace said...

Ohh sounds interesting!! Hope it all turns out how you want Sam! :)


Alice Teh said...

I'm watching! I'm watching! This sounds exciting, Sam. :D

Matthew said...

Firstly, how can you do that to your own mother?

Secondly, how can you do that to me, who has to deal with our mother going around asking "I wonder what Sam's done?"