Wednesday, 17 December 2008


I found this video on Telling Secrets and at the risk of offending anyone who actually understands the lyrics and knows what the song is really about, I found it very very funny!

In addition to which, I think that it gives quite an insight into what it is sometimes like to be deaf as there are frequently times when what I hear coming out of your mouths makes absolutely no sense at all, especially if there is no context to the conversation. Most times I can work it out but sometimes I have not got a chance in hades!!


Bobbi said...

Would you mustard my hole?
That's too weird for me!

CJ said...

This had me CRACKING UP!!! Oh my goodness, hilarious. So well done. I nearly lost it when the French's Mustard appeared on the screen.

Jen said...

that is weird and funny all at the same time.

WiseGuy said...
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WiseGuy said... really had me splits over this. I will tell you where that song has its origins. It is a Bollywood track - the movie's name is Fiza, the actress/dancer in the flaming orange Arabesque dress is Sushmita Sen and the singer is Sunidhi Chauhan. What an awesome translation....LOLOL! Thx for sharing!