Friday, 26 December 2008

Boxing Day!

Well, that's it for another year - Christmas is over! Although not really because the other half of the family will be arriving soon for the New Year part of the holiday and that means more presents and crackers and good food, so although Christmas is technically over, we still have lots more fun and games on the way - particularly as my nephew (4) and niece (2) are joining us!!

I hope that you all had a good time and had some lovely presents along with good food! I was lucky enough to get some craft stuff (things called Nestabilities) and some table runners from India as Matt was there for three months in the Autumn. I also had a book about the early Australian settlers from Mrs Claus - this was rather funny actually as I had decided to buy some books for the four of us actually here on Christmas Day and label them all as being from Mrs Claus, so I had to include myself in the gifts as otherwise everyone would know that I had bought them.

Of course, I couldn't keep a straight face once Mum started asking who had bought them and Matt, cheeky as ever, was saying that they were from him and then Mum asked me and - oh I tried..., I tried to keep a straight face, but it just isn't possible for me!! As I love books so much I like to give them too, but never quite know if I am giving what people would like to read. This year I appear to have been particularly successful - Mum got a book that she'd asked for about finding happiness, Matt got a Star Trek novel (AND he hasn't got this one!!), and Dad got Obama's Audacity of Hope.

By the way, I am having difficulties with my laptop at the moment, so please do not be alarmed if I appear to have vanished off the face of bloggy-world for a while!! I am in contact with Dell and am trying to sort out the problems. (erk!)


Mrs. Spit said...

Bad computer. Bad. Bad. Bad. Go to the bad computer box.

Me said...

Ohhh I love books for Christmas! I scored 4 this year and was most chuffed! :)


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

Books good. Computer problems bad.