Saturday, 1 September 2007


I have just been going through some photos that I took lately and came across this one! Obviously I didn't take this one as that would have been quite impossible! ;-)

I remember how I felt when I came off the ride - I don't think that my stomach settled for about an hour afterwards!! It really didn't seem to affect me that much when I was younger, but heck I am not exactly all that old, so why do I seem to come off much worse now!!! I remember the day - it was just a week ago - we had all decided to go and visit the Festival of Transport in Sussex (more Dad's thing than anyone else's cos it was full of traction engines and stuff like that!).

We had a good day - Dad(!) suggested that we go on this ride! So, Dad, Ben, Andy, Tom and I all went on this ride - Tom was sandwiched in between Andy and I and off we went!! Urghhh - never again, I really did feel quite 'off' for a while afterwards. I have to say that the weather that day was superb - a really nice weekend weatherwise considering how wet this summer has been!

We spent most of the weekend in the garden, which was really nice and now that it is September I doubt that we'll get another nice weekend like that until next year!! Oh well, I could always go on holiday somewhere hot and exotic!!

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Andy said...

Tom: Woo hoo hoo!
Sam: Ok, can I get off now?

Wuss! ;-)