Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Forwarding emails

Everybody does it, some are genuinely funny and are meant to be sent on, some are forwarded in error, others are forwarded because they contain information pertinent to the conversation.

However, some can be unintentionally very very funny, I had one today! Clearly the forwardee was just sending me an email that had relevant information in it, but there was a section in it that was just hilarious!

I need to explain it all so that it will make some sense to you! What happened was that someone's assistant contacted me to book a training room, which I duly did, and then the person wanting the room emailed me later to cancel one of the dates, which is fine by me.

But, in the body of the email was an email from the assistant to the boss saying that they had booked the room while said boss was away on holiday and underneath that was a little sentence that said "Now tell me: is there a better secretary than me??? hehe"

I just could not believe that someone had written that, let alone that someone else had inadvertently sent it on to me!!! All I can say, is that they must have a very good employer/employee relationship!! I have a good relationship with my colleagues, but I don't think that I would ever say something like that, it just seems that little bit toooo smug!!!


Matthew said...

Really? I do stuff like that all the time in my office! And I more than get away with it too! (What can I say, I bring on the smug love, and everybody wants a piece of it!)
(Added to that, I've recently re-evaluated my role here and discovered that I'm pretty much just a secretary myself)

Sam said...

Yes, but there's smug and then there's smug!! Besides, it just doesn't seem quite the thing to include in a business email!!