Sunday, 2 September 2007

Fighting cushions

Anyone who has put duvet covers onto double duvets will know where I am coming from!! I had to wash the armchair (my lovely oversized one!) seat cover cos the cat did something horrible! And rather than just wash the one cover, I decided to throw in another couple of seat and cushion covers and wash them too.

Well, everything went well....then I had to put them back on! They are worse than duvet covers if such a thing is possible - the covers are quite a tight fit so I really had to fight the cushions to get them recovered! Well, I couldn't have naked cushions could I!?!?

So that was my Sunday afternoon! Tomorrow schools up and down the country start their autumn term, so I expect there are a few anxious children this Sunday afternoon. There are some teachers in my family, so I want to wish them luck as they go back to school too, but in particular, I want to wish Ben Good Luck as he starts his new job as Drama Teacher at a school near Liverpool - it's his first year as a teacher following his PGCE year and as Mum says "I expect Ben has the collywobbles", but we are both very sure that he will have a great time and will enjoy being a teacher, but first he has to overcome the severe handicap of being the only Arsenal supporter in a school that probably supports nothing but Liverpool or Everton!!

Incidentally Collywobbles is actually in the dictionary, I didn't think that it would be! The Chambers dictionary says that it is a facetious term that means 'nervous stomach or state of apprehensiveness generally' - which is probably what many people (teachers and children alike) feel today! One good thing for overcoming the Collywobbles must be going to the shops and buying brand new pencils, cases, paper and all the rest of it - I like to think that teachers do the same - I can just picture them in the shop choosing between a cloth or metal pencil case just to soothe the nerves!! ;-)


Lorrie said...

Thanks Sam. Collywobbles live!! You are also quite correct that a trip to A. Stationers calms the nerves and relaxes the Collies. May I just add my best wishes to Ben along with yours although I doubt he will see your blog beforehand. x

Miki said...

I'll add to that too ...
Good luck in your new job Ben. Hope the kids don't play you up TOO much. Or should that be the other way around ;o) xx